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Эффективная подготовка к экзаменам по Английскому языку Подобрать репетитора
  1. Тип: Реферат
    and Weather in Great Britain. is not the same as climate. The weather at a place is the state of the atmosphere there at a given time or over a short period. The weather of the British Isles is greatly variable. climate of a place or region. on the other hand. represents the average weather conditions over a long period of time. climate of any place results from the interaction of a number of determining factors.of which the most important are latitude. distance from the sea. relief and the direction of the prevailing winds. geographical position of the British Isles within latitudes. is a basic factor in determining the main characteristics of the climate. Temperature. the most important climatic element. depends not only on the angle at which the sun’s rays strike the earth’s surface. but also on the duration of daylight. The length of day at London ranges from 16 hours 35 minutes on June to 7 hours 50 minutes on 21 December. British latitudes form the temperate nature of the British climate. fo..
  2. Тип: Реферат
    Analysis Of The History Of The Computer Science And The Computer Engineering In The USA And Ukraine. oward Aiken’s contributions to the development of the computer -notably the Harvard Mark I (IBM ASSC) machine. and its successor the Mark II - are often excluded from the mainstream history of computers on two technicalities. The first is that Mark I and Mark II were electro-mechanical rather than electronic. the second one is that Aiken was never convinced that computer programs should be treated as data in what has come to be known as the von Neumann concept. or the stored program. is not proposed to discuss here the origins and significance of the stored program. Nor I wish to deal with the related problem of whether the machines before the stored program were or were not “computers”. This subject is complicated by the confusion in actual names given to machines. For example. the ENIAwhich did not incorporate a stored program. was officially named a computer. Electronic Numeral Int..
  3. Тип: Реферат
    moral lessons given us by Jesus. is an Easter?. egg and Easter hare. from Ireland. in England. in Ukraine and Russia. The moral lessons given us by Jesus. Easter.seeing the happy faces of people around. hearing the joyful announcements “Christ is risen”. and. on the whole. enjoining these God-blessed sunny spring days.let us pause for a moment and ponder on some of the moral lessons given us by Jesus. well know that Christianity is ethical through and through. but strange as it may seem. the moral teaching of Christ himself is not very circumstantial. On the contrary. He appears rather terse on these matters.and it is in His deeds.not words.that the larger part of His mission found its expression. As a person. with all His inclinations and intentions.He does not seem to be a determined moral reformer. not to speak of a revolutionary. and he was not in the least a scholar or a man of letters. He wrote nothing. He mowed quietly and slowly along the highways and among the villages of Galilee and Judea ..
  4. Тип: Реферат
    Problems. “Ecology” is a very popular word today. But what does it mean? Ecology is a since which studies the relationship between all forms of life on our planet and the environment. This word came from Greek “oikos” which means home. The idea of home includes our whole planet. its population. Nature. animals.birds.fish. insets and all other living beings and even the atmosphere around our planet. ancient times Nature has served Man giving everything he needs.air to breathe. food to eat. water to drink. wood for building and fuel for heating his home. For thousands of years people lived in harmony with the environment and it seemed to them that the resources of nature had no end or limit. With the industrial revolution our negative influence on Nature began to increase. Large cities with thousands of steaming. polluting plants and factories can be found nowadays all over the world. The by-products of their activity pollute the air we breathe the water we drink the fields where our crops are..
  5. Эффективная подготовка к экзаменам по Английскому языку Подобрать репетитора
  6. Тип: Реферат
    Grammar. EnglishLexical difference. difference. difference between British and American English. English. the early part of the seventeenth century English settlers began to bring their language to America. and another series of changes began to take place. The settlers borrowed words from Indian languages for such strange trees as the hickory and persimmon.such unfamiliar animals as raccoons and woodchucks. Later they borrowed other words from settlers from other countries – for instance. the French. the Dutch. They made new combinations of English worduch as. or gave old English words entirely new meaninguch as. ( which in British English means approximately. ) and. ( which in British means any grain. especially wheat ). Some of the new terms were needed. because there were new and un-English things to talk about. Others can be explained only on the general theory that languages are always changing. and American English is no exception. from the new vocabulary. differences in pronunciation. in gra..
  7. Тип: Реферат
    Topics /11 класс/. CUSTOMS OF GREAT BRITAIN. nation and every country has its own customs and traditions. In Britain traditions play more important part in the life of the people than in some other countries. Englishmen are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. It has been the law for about three hundred years that all the theatres are closed on Sundays no letters are delivered only a few Sunday papers are published. To this day English families prefer cottage houses with gardens to flats in a modern house with central heating. English people like gardens. Sometimes the garden in front of the house is a little square covered with cement painted green (in imitation of grass) and a box of flowers. In English houses the fireplace has always been the centre of interest in a room. For many months of the year people like to sit round the fire and watch the dancing flames. Fireplaces are decorated with woodworks.there is a painting or a mirror over it. Above the fire there is usually a s..
  8. Тип: Реферат
    protection. my project I’d like to review the problem of environmental protection. The reason why I chose this subject for developing is quite evident – our planet is on the verge of global ecological catastrophe. Today I’ll be developing several main points. I’ll give you a general idea of the ecological situation on our planet. Second I’d like to highlight the most dangerous tendencies that can have deadly consequences for us. Lastly I’ll try to show what can be done to save our planet from disaster. does the word ecology mean? This word came from Greek “oikos” which means home. The idea of home includes our whole planet. its population. nature. animals.birds.fish and all other living beings and even the atmosphere around our planet. But look what we have done with our home? For thousands of years people exploited the nature thoughtlessly thinking that its resources had no end or limit. With the industrial revolution our negative influence on nature increased. What has become with ..
  9. Тип: Реферат
    Washington. Description. relatives. romance. Fauntleroy. Philipse. Fairfax. Service. before the presidency. and Indian War. 1754 –. of House of Burgesses (1759 – 177. to Continental Congress (1774 – 177. of Chief of Continental Army during Revolution (1775 – 178. of Constitutional Convention. as President. First Term. as President. Second Term. ADDRESS (First). ADDRESS (Second). PRESIDENT. tate. of the treasury. of war. General. Affairs. of Neutrality. Rebellion. ’s. Treaty. ’s Treaty. Address. Admitted to the Union. Amendments Ratified. COURT APPOINTMENTS. in 1962 historians poll. ’s praise (speech). ’s criticized (speech). ’s quote(s) (speech). George Washington. He was probably named after George Eskridge. a lawyer in whose charge Washington's mother had been left when she was orphaned. DESCRIPTION. was a large. powerful man—about 6 feet 2 inches tall. 175 pounds in his prime.up to more than pounds in later years. Erect in bearing. muscular. broad shouldered. he had large hands..
  10. Тип: Реферат
    of London. finds prove that the area around London was inhabited by the Celts from 8 BC onwards. The earliest prehistoric settlers in the London area lived along parts of the Thames valley. Some of their flint tools have been found in river graver. All the time it was mostly wild forested countryside. later prehistoric times the settlers became more organized. They lived in villages of huts made of timber. branches clay. They hunted. fished farmed. Caesar’s initial landing in Britain in 55 Bthe Emperor Claudius conquered the south-east of Britain founded the military camp of Londinium on a strategic ford across the Thames. The camp rapidly developed into a flourishing port trading post. The area of about 1 square mile which the Romans fortified with a massive rampart corresponds approximately to today’s City of London. built a bridge over the Thames there has been a “London Bridge” in the same area ever since. Londinium grew up on the northern side of the bridge. Products such as ol..
  11. Тип: Реферат
    (Travelling). on our planet can’t live without travel now. Tourism has become a highly developed business. There are express trains.cars and jet-air liners all of that provide you with comfort and security. What choose to make? It’s up to you to decide. There is a great varieties of choose available for you. If you travel for pleasure you would like by all means to enjoy picturesque places you are passing through. you would like seeing the places of interest. enjoying to sight seeing of the cities.towns and countries. You will have a good opportunity to enjoy wonderful monuments of cultural and historical places to learn a lot about the history of your country. about the world around us.to visit different countries.to meet people of different nationalities.to learn a lot about their traditions.costumes.culture. In other words you will broaden your mind. Nowadays people travel not only for pleasure but also on business to home and international business is developing. You have to go to other count..
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